Where it all began...

Project copy 3.png

Inspired by my love for colour, Barker and Betty has grown from an idea planted years ago.


It all started with the search for the perfect nursery for my adorable little girl, Gwenny.

The big challenge of making it “just right” proved tricky for this colour loving Mum!


Pastels and pinks are beautiful; but bright and bold was what I was searching for, as I knew Gwenny would be such a ray of sunshine...

and I was right.


As Gwenny has grown, so has her love for colour and patterns - reminding me of myself as a little girl, sat drawing for hours

filling books with all the colours of the rainbow.


Unknowingly my little girl has been the true inspiration and encouragement I needed to remember my dream and to start designing again. Dusting off my design skills and using my surface pattern degree to create

the bright, bold and beautiful world of Barker & Betty Designs.